You Gotta Want It

Posted on March 31, 2022 by Corey Olson

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Recently I started sprinting to kick my weight loss into overdrive. I do an almost one mile loop; well, according to Google Maps, the loop I sprint / run / cry is 0.9 miles. It started out pretty bad ~11 days ago with a 10-min, 20-sec or so loop time. Comparing some online statistics it looks like that is slightly below average for my age group.

However, today I finished that loop in 7-min, 50-sec not even two weeks later. Yesterday I had no desire to run (tired from the daily exercise), but managed to clock in an 8-min, 30-sec loop. So clearly there is some improvement in just this short amount of time. But if my loop becomes too short, maybe in the 6-min, 30-sec or less range, I will have to start doing a bigger loop. I think sprinting for 10 to 15 minutes is a more ideal range, and improved performance requires longer distances. Anyways, this is good.

So now with 11 days in a row of daily sprint training, followed by moderate exercise for 20 - 45 minutes depending on how tired I am, my face and mid-section has some slight difference (to me, probably not many others.) And I can feel a sort of growing addiction to running, similar to how I will crave long-distance walking or hiking.

But I almost did not want it, enough. Yesterday, I was particularly sore. I had decided to take a rest day and then push the following day (today.) It was also pouring rain all day, and nasty wet outside. Although some days have been nasty cold at ~20 degrees fahrenheit. Kinda cold, but.. you gotta want it. As yesterday went on, I felt a deep sense of dissatisfaction with myself for not at least trying to run. So tried I did, and yesterday was my best loop time, only beaten by today, being even more ambitious.

I've calculated that if I continue to manage my diet, and do the daily exercise, that I can achieve very good results by August or September of this year. At least getting my body fat down below 15% hopefully. But, I also have a 3-year, 2025 goal to reach for my full genetic potential. Of course it might take 10+ years to reach a body-builder physique, but I figure that in 3-5 years I can get a considerable amount of those results.

Mostly I just want to see what my body can look like, before age 40. Push myself to a new level, for kicks and giggles. But I've already seen improvements in "other areas" which are nice too. But I know this is going to be a marathon, and take some time.