LinkedIn is Unbearable

Posted on March 29, 2022 by Corey Olson

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If circlejerking were a competitive sport, LinkedIn would the gym where those athletes train. I have only found a marginal usefulness in maintaining My LinkedIn Profile, and mostly, it is so I can message people that would be just as easy to get in touch with by phone or email. Mostly, I am consistently spammed with inapplicable nonsense.

Scrolling the news feed is an exercise for my digestive system. Whether I want to throw up from how fake it all is, or have to stop myself from shitting on everyone's parade. It is difficult to control myself, and I end up needing to urgently close the tab. Like, imagine this lollygag land of business people pretending to matter, and talk to one another.

Vain, empty and meaningless. Click "Like" to virtue signal or "Share" to support friends and colleagues. A quick comment to appear smarter than you are. It is all disgusting. If I wasn't connected with previous or current customers I would probably have more fun.

But with how easy it is to use ZipRecruiter (or similar), using LinkedIn for job hunting seems pretty silly. The only thing I can think to use LinkedIn for is outbound sales, but that's just as possible through phone, email, Facebook and whatever else. I just don't really get the appeal behind LinkedIn, and I want to delete it every time I login. Blah.