Busy Breaking Habits

Posted on July 19, 2022 by Corey Olson

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After 3-4 months of near daily exercise, my house move finally broke a lot of productive routines. It took about one month to get fully moved. Between working and living in two places sporadically exercise became somewhat intermittent. When I finally broke down the Bowflex gym I was left with free weights and running only; and, my time became some mangled between the two houses I couldn't scrounge up much.

Yesterday was the first day that I can recall, where I stayed at my new house without leaving. Today is day two of "living at home" without running around like crazy. I had slept overnight in the new house several times before, and we moved ~2 weeks ago, but I still was running around between work and the two houses. Been a long month.

Somehow my YouTube revenue hit a new record in June 2022 with $600+ monthly earnings; it seems to be trending back down to around $300 - $400 per month. But I am hoping to get back into YouTube soon for some side hustle money and what appears to be a still growing channel (it's crazy people are still subscribing.) I also finished my first set of Invisalign with a pretty decent result I suppose - just waiting on refinements.

It feels like forever, since I was able to sit down in a consistent manner / work normal hours. These last few days are more routine. I got my business servers up after an electrician came, with rendering workstations and I am now somewhat operational.

Still plenty of unpacking and organizing to do, but currently waiting on deliveries for shelves, shed foundation, etc. It is like a lost month, but I know we are making some good progress. And, still a little jarring waking up or existing in a totally foreign environment - keep having to remind myself "oh right, I live here."

Houses are crazy expensive, at least if you want to live somewhere nice. I still think people getting into single-family residential rentals are crazy. We are currently on track to pay down the mortgage ~11 years faster, and probably speed that up over the next few years as I get the minivan paid off, pay increases, etc. My goal is paying down the mortgage within 5-10 years once my cashflow stops going to improvements. Then I will try to focus on saving for my kids and getting them more established, or another new business for better cashflow. My little 3 year old is my timer.

Everything is falling into place. Just have to be consistent, get back into my exercise routines, and planning / management routines. My parents should be listing their old house for sale soon, and I will for sure miss that house. Good memories.