Business Coaching & Finding Your Why

Posted on March 30, 2022 by Corey Olson

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Occasionally I do business consulting when it's convenient and the price is right. I also get asked about building apps, business problems and marketing from time-to-time by various persons. I feel like my knowledge is pretty extensive, but never gets utilized to its fullest potential, unfortunately. I want to share this customer testimonial though.

Until recently I have not been particularly motivated by money; instead, I have struggled to kick it into "high gear." Getting married, especially having children, has changed that.

With two kids (and hopefully more some day) I am becoming more motivated to act on my knowledge and skills. I always felt that my performance was greatly improved when under constant pressure. When unreasonable demands are placed on me, I seem to stretch, and meet them; however, my capabilities languish under easier times.

But what I did for Chris, in this video, I could do a thousand times over. I have done it for a handful of my own projects before shutting them off. I think for a long time I have been afraid of success, because of how it might change or influence me. Even though I can have all these great little businesses running, I was never sure why, to what end?

While I appreciate the good times, it is the hard times that make us better. And, having children is a good way to add pressure and motivation. I wish that I had been married at a much earlier age, and started a "real life" (i.e., family) much sooner than I did. I feel so capable, of so much, but finding my "Why?" is really the killer question and cornerstone.

Historically I have also (repeatedly) deleted my portfolio, past projects and otherwise failed to fully display my capabilities. Part of me wants a simple life. I think if I continue having more children, it will slowly raise the bar, and my own expectations for myself.

I can't overstate the energy inside me, when determined. Nothing is more motivating than people saying "you can't do that." Proving people wrong is my delight. But when nobody is angry with you, when nobody is shit-talking you, and everything is well, I sorely miss and lack that fuel source. The next best thing is having dependents lol.