Building a YouTube Channel

Posted on March 25, 2022 by Corey Olson

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Over the 2020 Christmas Holiday I found myself with some extra time and an urge to clean up some home videos on my phone. Over the following days I compiled videos my wife and I had taken while hiking with our German Shepherd. I wanted to share this video with my friends and family which led me to posting the video on YouTube.

The video sat idle on YouTube for almost a year and a half, and in the meantime I took up riding 50cc scooters for fun over the summer. While riding the scooter, I would wear a GoPro and record my thoughts as I drove around. Apparently this was a somewhat popular category of videos called motovlogging, which got me interested in learning about YouTube content, creators, monetization and growing a YouTube channel.

As of writing I have made $2,800+ from YouTube in the last 9 or so months, with the last few months averaging $300 - $500 per month. I would have likely made more but there was initially some bug with my views on the platform, and the first few months were not fully paid or properly monetized. In any case, that's all resolved now, and I have pretty much been averaging $300+ per month from YouTube for doing nothing. It's great.

While it's not life changing money, it is pretty cool; and, YouTube has given me some inspiration to get / stay healthy and improve my general appearance. About 3 months ago I started Invisalign which is being paid for by YouTube (aside from the ~25% or small portion my dental insurance is covering.) Maybe it is life changing money, ha.

Beyond this, I am able to offer YouTube consulting in my main line of work (owning a small video production company.) While we have worked with YouTubers from time-to-time, I have a much more in-depth experience being a "partnered" YouTuber myself. I even charge some $500+ per month for consulting, mostly amounting to some phone calls here or there. My short YouTube career has been extremely profitable to say the least, and only limited by complete lack of effort. I truly believe almost anybody could become a YouTuber and make some decent side money doing it.

As for me, it is a flirtatious hobby. YouTube gives me an excuse to do certain things I normally would not otherwise. E.g., I have to exercise daily for YouTube, despite not having posted in several months. I need to drink water for when I am on camera; or, pretty much an easy excuse to actually take care of myself (vitamins, etc.) Overall YouTube has been a very positive experience despite the trolls.

I mostly think it's funny, how one can stumble into a business, as I did with my main business, which I never expected to be so successful. I go back and forth though...

With ~2,700 or so subscribers (after 2 years of barely trying) still hardly anybody knows me. There was one goofy instance where somebody had actually seen or heard about my channel through the grapevine, and for a brief moment I felt what many celebrities likely feel to the Nth degree. But if I put some effort into my channel, there's at least a possibility I could get to 100k+ subscribers if not more. Is that something I want? I do have people chiming in, asking for updates or more content. It's a little weird for me.

This is my struggle with YouTube. Yes, sure... I would like to make more passive income from my YouTube Channel (who wouldn't?) But I am not super fond of being public with much of my life, at least more than I am required to be for business purposes and being transparent. YouTube though, is a different game. The decision haunts me.